Time Management, Resume Writing and Schmoozing: 3 skills of a Professional

11 03 2012

It is currently 11:14 pm. At 10:51 exactly I sat at my computer, opened Microsoft Word and said that I will begin writing as soon as I “quickly” check my Tumblr. The quick check ended up taking 10 minutes, followed by another 13 minutes of Facebook/Twitter. I thought this was quite ironic, as it is exactly what we were taught NOT TO DO during our last Future Science Leaders session on Time Management. Jo-Ann, a manager at Science World had given us a package on how to properly manage time along with what is considered a “time waster”. Social media was #1, and my 23 minutes of time spent on it, was definitely not productive.

I can guarantee that most teenagers and many adults fall into the traps of not managing time properly. Unfortunately having the right skills is the difference between successful and unsuccessful (or overly stressed) people. Thankfully we were given the opportunity to learn how to be more successful with managing our time. Here are some key points to remember:

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