Guppies and the fruits of orange

21 05 2012

Why does a lure work? What makes prey move towards a predator?  How does a predator know what would make a good lure?  All these questions were answered for one circle of life in the streams of Trinidad.  An Australian Research team found prawns with orange dots at the center point of their pincers, and found them lying in wait rather than moving as they usually would. The researchers also found the prey of these prawns, Trinidadian guppies, to be coloured with specks and splashes of the same orange colouring. Female guppies mated on a regular basis with the most orange guppies, and less as the orange diminished. Guppies were also found to be less afraid of those prawns with orange pincers. What created this obvious bias for the colour orange? Read the rest of this entry »