Part 2 of Conclusion.

16 11 2011

After reviewing our evidence, we realized a crucial detail was missed.The DNA evidence from the fingernail Scrapings, also matched Colin, as well as Ross. Looking back at our evidence, Colin is just as likely to have been present in the bar that night, instead of Ross. In fact, Colin would have even more motive for killing John. He is now dating John’s ex girlfriend, Laura, so he could have been jealous that the two were talking again.  Also he kept diverting attention to many other people to make himself seem innocent. Finally he mentions that John broke Ross’ nose, which would account for his DNA evidence under the fingernails.

So now we are stuck with two potential murderers. At this point we would definitely need more information to figure out what actually happened. The first thing to do is to interview all the bar’s staff again and show them pictures of John, Adrian, Ross and Colin, to see if they can identify which one’s were there the night of John’s disappearance We should also see the camera records of that night, if there any. Next we’d definitely need the forensic analysis of the wrench, as well as a warrant to search Colin’s house for any evidence. We would also need to interview Ross, to see his take on everything that is happening.

From other evidence we gathered, we saw that Colin was not part of the burglaries. But in his statement he mentioned all (except the unknown perhaps Adrian) of the other people that had fingerprint matches with the burglars. He might have found out about the burglaries that night and realized that Laura and John are seeing each other to commit the crimes. He was probably infuriated and had a fight with Fred in the bar. After they left he might have had a fight and killed him. Later in his statement, being bad at the whole burglar gang, he mentioned all of them, to make them seem suspicious.

At this point, I believe that this theory is more likely than our previous one. Ross could be innocent, and Colin the one worthy of jail. In the next few days we will try to get the answers about some of the other evidence we need, and then make a final conclusion from that ! All other theories proposed still apply ( Adrian covering up, them being the burglars etc).


Conclusion of the Investigation (By Valeriya, Alice and Damian)

14 11 2011

After much investigation and detailed analysis, the murder of John Gold still holds a lot of mysteries and uncertain facts. These uncertainties only arise in the area of motivation, since we have a certain theory about who the culprit is. In our report we will first list all the evidence that we find important to the crime and then explain what we believe occurred.

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